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Dec. 26, 2021

Pharmacist Admits he Shouldn’t be Giving the Vax:

We have not been given informed consent on the vaccines, and as I mentioned in a previous post, our government and businesses have no authority to mandate their use. I continue to stand by my original assertion that the vaccine mandates violate the Nuremberg Code.  In this undercover video, a pharmacist admits it:

No, Pfizer is NOT FDA Approved:

I opined previously that I believe based on my research, that the Pfizer jabs were indeed NOT approved by the FDA.  “Fact-checkers” have claimed alternately everything from “it’s just a brand name” to “it is the exact same formulation”.  Yet here is another article discussing how the two are legally distinct, and that the approved Comirnaty vax is not yet available in the supply chain.

Furthermore, Pfizer admits that the vaccine it is distributing is still being dispensed under an EUA.  Pfizer has no immediate plans to begin distribution of Comirnaty.

The Pfizer spokesperson said the EUA-authorized product “will still be shipped and usable until its expiry date, as long as authorized frozen storage conditions have been maintained.”

The FDA noted last week that there’s not enough of Comirnaty “available for distribution to this population in its entirety.”

For its’ part, the FDA keeps repeating the same mantra:

The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.

First, the FDA does acknowledge that there are “certain differences” but this surely goes beyond labeling.  I found a Pfizer fact sheet on Comirnaty that doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but does specify among other things: “the new formulation allows for longer storage” and further: “The new formulation for the currently approved population (individuals 12 years of age and older) will be available in a phased rollout starting in early 2022”.

From this we can glean at least 2 things:

  1. The formulation is not, and cannot be “identical”.
  2. Contrary to what the media and government have claimed, Comirnaty is NOT currently available. Pfizer admits it will be delivered in a “phased rollout starting in early 2022.”

Because the Pfizer shot is operating under an EUA, you cannot be legally compelled to take it, nor punished for refusing.

Want more evidence the two are not the same?  Take a gander:

Source:  Summary-Basis-for-Regulatory-Action-Comirnaty.pdf

Whether or not these differences are cause for concern is anybody’s guess. But we know that our public health officials and the media have NOT been forthcoming or transparent on any of this.  Additionally, legality matters, and legally, the 2 formulations are distinct.  Therefore, even if these differences between Comirnaty and Pfizer prove inconsequential, the fact remains that what has been used as the justification for “mandates” was not legally approved by FDA, thus bringing the validity of the mandates into question.

Misleading Covid Hospitalization Stats:

As world governments continue stoking “fear porn” about the spread of the Omicron variant, we’ve seen an increasing number of news stories about hospitals being “swamped” with Covid cases. But Omicron has been widely reported to present with only mild symptoms and a low rate of hospitalization and deaths, so what’s going on?

In the U.K. two thirds of all “Covid hospitalizations” were actually people who were admitted for another ailment and who subsequently tested positive.

In Vermont, the proliferation of quickie at-home antigen tests has resulted in ERs becoming clogged with people seeking PCR tests, even though most don’t even have any symptoms.

Worldwide, most Omicron case are either asymptomatic or present as mild “cold-like” symptoms.  Most people wouldn’t even know they had it with a test.

Despite these obvious facts, government and their media allies have continued to fuel public hysteria as a means of manipulating and controlling their citizens.  Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology discusses how government and activist interests are using the pandemic to push the Overton Window to fundamentally change the relationship between the people and government authority.

More importantly, the persistent fear-mongering is leading to a brand new and much more serious pandemic – collective psychosis.

Another Reason not to Vax Your Kids:

A newly published paper establishes that children generally experience mild or asymptomatic effects from Covid, and after recovering from infection, “develop robust and sustained cross-reactive spike-specific immune responses”.

Scientific Censorship:

In November a researcher working at the behest of Pfizer to conduct vaccine trials approached the British Medical Journal (BMJ) to report data integrity problems with the trials, including falsifying data and failing to report adverse reactions.

When BMJ and others attempted to share this information over social media, the prestigious medical journal was censored by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg via one of his infamous “fact checking” farces.  BMJ ripped Facebook in an open letter to Zuckerberg for “incompetence”.

Pity the People of Chicago:

Mayor Lori Lighfoot has presided over an unprecedented crime wave and massive economic decline as the City of Chicago falls  into a state of anarchy. Meanwhile, she appears quite vigilant about enforcing draconian vaccine mandates on the masses:

Vaccine Associated Hypersensitivity:

Two new studies, one from the U.K. and the other from Denmark provide more evidence that the vaccines may cause Vaccine Associated Hypersensitivity, making the vaxxed more susceptible to infection and serious illness than the unvaxxed:

The chart above is from the U.K. study.  Keep in mind, that although the infection rates for unvaccinated kids is high, they are not likely to experience severe illness.

EV Epic Fail:

The Biden Administration wants us all out of gasoline powered cars and into Electric Vehicles (EVs) as soon as possible.  But like most “green” advocates the climate change fanatics failed to take a number of important factors into account.

For instance, what happens when your expensive battery pack dies in 5-6 years?  For this Finish gentleman, he was told the price tag would be about $22,500 – hardly worth the trouble for a 2013 Tesla.  So he decided to donate it to a bunch of guys who like to blow things up:

It’s in Finnish, but it’s subtitled, and well, an explosion is an explosion… Besides, they put Elon Musk in the driver’s seat!

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