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The Freedom Convoy
We are now in a state of war with the State

It’s hard to know where to begin – so much has transpired and events are unrolling rapidly.  Whether or not you are a supporter of Canada’s Freedom Convoy you should be gravely concerned, even if you are an American.

I won’t spend time on Convoy activities prior to their eventual demise, as this has already been covered in two previous posts (see: here and here).  Instead I’ll begin at the end – the Convoy’s dispersal and the subsequent actions of the Canadian government.

Please be aware: what is happening in Canada can easily happen here.  American contributors to the Canadian Convoy have already been doxxed and are even now being harassed by U.S. media outlets.

So what went down and how did we get here?

State of Emergency Declared

Following numerous threats against, and demonization of, the Convoy protestors, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the “Emergencies Act” – a law passed in 1988 and never before used by a Canadian Prime Minister.

Under Trudeau’s order, all rights to any public protest – nationwide – were suspended, and Canada was placed into a de-facto state of Martial Law.  In addition, directives were issued to financially sanction anyone involved in the protests.  In subsequent days, this would be expanded to not only cover Convoy participants, but anyone who donated to the Convoy, and even Convoy family members and affiliated businesses.Accounts FrozenFor example, a woman in Chilliwack, BC allegedly had her account frozen over a $50 donation according to Member of Parliament (MP) Mark Strahl:

Small Donation Account FrozenIt should be noted that by the time Trudeau issued the order, blockades of the Ambassador Bridge and other U.S-Canada border crossings had already been lifted or successfully dispersed.

Trudeau further threatened to confiscate the pets of the protestors, saying they would be impounded for 8 days and then “relinquished”.  The Prime Minister similarly issued a veiled threat against the children of protestors, warning them of consequences should they bring their kids to “illegal assemblies”.

The invocation of the Emergencies Act was designed to set the stage for what was to come.

The Dispersal

On February 18, 2022, Prime Minister Trudeau ordered law enforcement and other “security personnel” to move-in to disperse the protestors in Ottawa.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) units established a line, and began their advance into the protestors.  During the initial phases of the assault, an elderly Mohawk woman with a walker was trampled by an officer’s horse:

Here’s a still shot from above:

RCMP Trample WomanIn the following clip, an RCMP officer throws a protestor to the ground. Despite the fact the man is not resisting and is down and no longer a threat, the officer proceeds to beat him repeatedly with the butt of his rifle.

The scene above is almost surreal.  People are waving Canadian flags as the Canadian National Anthem (O’ Canada) plays in the background even while law enforcement brutalizes peaceful protestors.

Around 100 or so people were initially arrested, and the police brought-in masked tow truck drivers to tow away the rigs. You may recall that Trudeau and the RCMP had difficulty getting tow truck drivers to cooperate in removing the truckers’ rigs.  Trudeau’s solution was to order tow operators to either cooperate or have their licenses and insurance suspended.

Under the threat of sanctions under the Emergencies Act, tow operators caved.  Tow trucks did show up under police escort, their drivers masked, and tape strategically placed over their business names.

More people showed up later on, and tear gas was deployed.  Protestors were also shot with rubber bullets.

Ottawa in the Aftermath

Trudeau stated that the Emergencies Act was necessary because the lives of Ottawans and the operation of local businesses had been disrupted by the protestors.  However, now that the truckers are gone, things have definitely not returned to “normal”.

In this clip, a woman in the streets of the capitol is threatened with arrest, and then struck by an officer for going out for a coffee:

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has stated that it is the Canadian government’s intention to make the financial sanctions provision of the Emergencies Act permanent.

Freeland indicates that the government will work in tandem with financial institutions to surveil crowd-funding platforms and any donations made to causes the government deems “problematic”.

A few days after Trudeau took steps to freeze the financial accounts of thousands of Canadians, several of the nation’s top banks went “dark”.  There is some evidence that the financial sanctions of the Emergencies Act may have triggered a bank-run.

The Hack

On February 14, 2022 it became public knowledge that the crowd funding platform GiveSendGo (GSG) had been “hacked“.  GSG had stepped- in to accept donations for the Convoy after Gofundme had dropped them on likely ideological grounds (and/or pressure by government agencies).

A few days prior to the hack, GSG reported that their site had come under “heavy attack”.  The weapon of choice was a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack.

Initial indications were that at least of some data on the donors had likely been stolen.  The GSG website was taken down and redirected to the URL “”.  Users redirected to that page were treated to a vile, expletive-ridden “manifesto” by the alleged “hacker”. The culprit claimed he had obtained detailed donor information, and would be releasing it for the purposes of doxxing contributors.

The alleged hacker eventually surfaced and bragged, claiming responsibility – not only for GSG – but several other data breeches, including Gab, Parler, Epik (a hosting service), and Truth Social (Trump’s new social network).  His name is Aubrey Cottle (aka ‘Kirtaner’), a Canadian self-proclaimed “hacktivist”.  Here he is taking credit in a very “colorful” way (NSFW):

Cottle claims to have worked with government law enforcement and intelligence agencies, including the FBI, RCMP, and INTERPOL.  Here is an interesting document that details some of what is known about – or has been claimed by – Mr. Cottle.  (Please note Cottle’s claims may or may not prove to be factual. He might just be nuts instead of evil and nuts)

One thing is certain: Cottle has been a “known quantity” for quite a while.  If he is not protected and/or working for the “alphabet agencies”, has he been previously investigated?  Given that he has claimed credit for yet ANOTHER (and rather infamous) attack, is he being investigated now? If not, is he telling the truth?

One other thing we know – the product of the GSG hack (whether Cottle is responsible or not) is being actively used by law enforcement and the press.  That brings us to the people responsible for disseminating the GSG data dump, as well as a plethora of other misgotten information.

The Facilitators

The GSG data dump was distributed by a self-described “whistleblower” organization named “Distributed Denial of Secrets” (DDOSecrets).  If you’ve noticed the similarity of this organization’s name to the term “DDOS” (as in attack), that is probably not a coincidence.  DDOSecrets was founded by Emma Best and an anonymous person known only as “The Architect”.

Best claims to be a “journalist” and “The Architect” is alleged to be the programmer behind Wikileaks’ technology.  Both individuals were previously associated with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

I won’t put a direct link to their website here, but you can copy and paste their URL into your browser if you’d like:  “”. It is worth exploring their website, as I believe you will notice some “patterns” to their targets and methods.  Moreover, I find some of their “justifications” for what they do to be rather….interesting.

For example, one oft-used excuse for their release of private data, can essentially be summarized as “if it isn’t properly protected and we can steal it, it’s public information and we’ve committed no crime”.  It’s a bit like saying “Yes, I stole your TV and jewelry, but you left your door unlocked so it’s fine”.  Or how about “You were walking alone in a dark alley, and you were dressed provocatively.  That’s why you got raped, no worries.”

Personally, I cynically had to chuckle at this one:

For ethical and legal reasons, you should not hack data specifically to give it to Distributed Denial of Secrets to make public. However, we welcome submissions from leakers and hackers who review data they have access to and then conclude it should be made public. (emphasis added)

Or to put it another way:  “No don’t hack data just to give it to us (wink nudge). But if you review what you stole and think it should be made public – OK”

Whereas Wikileaks primarily dealt in the trade of leaking government or public official information for the purposes of increased transparency, DDOSecrets seems to have a preference for releasing the Personally Identifiable Information (PII)  of private individuals who have not been accused or convicted of committing any crime (e.g. the GSG donors to the Freedom Convoy).  Again, the dubious justification here seems to be that the people running DDOSecrets don’t like you or your ideas, and thus, you are fair game because they think you’re bad.

This isn’t to say I wholly endorse the tactics of Wikileaks, but at least there is some consistent and rational methodology to what they do. It should also be noted that DDOSecrets has also disseminated some similar types of information (mostly on law enforcement organizations).  But their preference for right-leaning targets is fairly self-evident. One would be hard-pressed to find donors to the various BLM bail-funds (for example), that have been responsible for the release of violent felons (including would-be assassins) onto our streets. Wouldn’t that serve the public interest?

DDOSecrets even deals in the products of ransomware attacks. Yes, you read that correctly.  People or organizations that have had their data stolen by ransomware criminals can have their data released by DDOSecrets.  Apparently they think this is OK because – corporations, bad!  Besides, it’s “totally legal” because the cyber-criminals dumped their booty onto the dark web, so now it’s “public information”.  Try purchasing or accepting free of charge, a known stolen item from a thief.  “Receiving Stolen Property”….isn’t that a criminal offense?  Hmmm.  I’m confused.

You should also know that Best and Assange parted ways, and not amicably.  Indeed, Best was instrumental in advancing the claim that the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails by Wikileaks was done in collaboration with Russian intelligence:Oooo, Emma really doesn’t like Julian, but she seems to be quite the Hillary fan-girl…

Best continues to maintain – along with most of the U.S. mainstream media – that Wikileaks and Assange did work with Russian intelligence to hack Hillary’s emails.  But there have been legitimate questions since 2017 as to whether this was the case, or, was it an inside job?

One should keep in mind that the entire Russia-Collusion narrative has convincingly been revealed to be a hoax perpetrated by…Hillary Clinton.  This has only recently come to light as a result of Special Counsel John Durham’s probe of the matter. So might that shed more light on the Wikileaks-Russia matter?

But that is perhaps a topic for another post. There is a reason why I have taken the deep-dive into Best and her DDOSecrets organization. As you will hopefully see, it is quite relevant to the doxxing of the Convoy donors, and has the potential for far reaching implications for Americans.

The 4th Amendment Side-Step?

Despite their work together at Wikileaks, Julian Assange rots in jail while Emma Best walks free.  Notwithstanding some “Kabuki Theater” between the Federal government and Best, they nonetheless awarded DDOSecrets 501(3)(c) status in July 2020.  DDOSecrets works directly and collaboratively with major media outlets, and at the very least, indirectly with various government intelligence agencies.

What has been outlined thus far should at least call into question the legality of DDOSecrets’ practices.  In 2020, the Department of Homeland Security even designated the organization as a “criminal hacker group“.  Yet a few months later, they were granted 501(3)(c) status, and continue to operate with impunity (there’s the Kabuki Theater I promised you).

So what gives? Why are the DHS, FBI, et al not all over Best and DDOSecrets like white-on-rice?  What about Aubrey Cottle – the deranged degenerate who allegedly committed the GSG hack and who has (apparently) a long association with DDOSecrets?

Perhaps the alphabet agencies view them as useful.  I’m sure the Canadian government is grateful for their work.

Think about the implications here.  In order to access your PII on something like the crowd-funded “Freedom Convoy”, U.S. Federal law enforcement would have to show probable cause that a crime had been committed to a judge.  That judge would then have to issue a warrant based upon that evidence.  In the unlikely event a judge might actually grant such a sweeping warrant, there would certainly be restrictions on the public dissemination of those data to say, journalists or political opposition operatives, no?

If you work for the government, it might be really tempting to let DDOSecrets and their operatives just do what they do best.  Reap the benefits with no pesky Constitutional Amendments getting in the way.  Clever, no?

“But” you say, “Canada has different rules”.  True enough. Yet can anyone doubt that those data on U.S. donors have found their way into the hands of U.S. authorities?  And what of the planned U.S. trucker convoy?  Will you donate knowing you could be doxxed and harassed by journalists or the political opposition?  You might not ever be formally accused or convicted of committing a crime, and yet you will be punished.

Oh, and let me remind you of that DHS warning on “domestic terrorism”:

Perhaps we will all wind up on a “list” of one sort or another eventually.

For those of you on the left who might be reading this with relish, consider what might happen should the political winds shift and those you now war against assume the reigns of power.  You, my friend, could be “on the menu”.

You opponents in and out of government have been very busy with that GSG data.  Take a look at this nifty Google Map:

If you were to click on one of those little pins, you can see the detail on each donor:

That’s “just” Ontario.  If you are in the States and donated, I’m sure some enterprising wokester will be making a pin just for you.  And to think, the government and law enforcement agencies we pay to protect us, would allow this to go on unchecked.  War is here, and it’s come for us all.

What to Do?

In this rather lengthy post I’ve outlined the threat environment as best I can in the time allotted.  Things as I said, are moving very rapidly.  I do NOT want to discourage you from participating in your Constitutionally protected rights to engage in any lawful 1st Amendment (or other lawful) activity.

But forewarned is forearmed.  I created a list of tips/suggestions that I posted to a blog I follow.  The site administrator thought enough of it to feature them prominently.  They have since been cross-posted to many sites (much to my surprise).  I now present them here for your consideration.


I’ve had a look through the GSG donor dump, and it is disturbing to say the least. I also located a Python-based “scraper” specifically designed to harvest data from the GSG platform. Inside that script was a URL and instructions on how to retrieve data – I tested it briefly. You should know, that GSG data retrieval is still ACTIVE – although the scraper I examined “only” pulls names, donation amounts, comments, and other misc. info. No email addresses or IP addresses are obtainable using that method. This is definitely NOT the case with the “big” GSG dump, which has it all.

So I’ve come up with a few thoughts on trying to “anonymize” donations. The tips presented by Eeyore are a good start. I might add the following suggestions:

  1. Use a VPN when connecting to give your donation. It takes some research to find a good one, but among other things, concentrate on *where* the VPN provider is located and under what laws govern it’s operations. Stay OUT of the 5-eyes countries, or dealing with any provider that adopts the governing laws of those countries!!
  2. Get an “anonymous” email provider. You need to use this address sparingly, and only for things for which you need to protect your identity. Some providers are located in countries with very strict privacy laws. Some will allow you to pay in crypto. Many do not keep records and even subject themselves to independent audits. When setting up or accessing your account, connect using the VPN if possible, or even Tor (some providers work over Tor for webmail, some do not). DO NOT USE any account name that can be easily connected back to you. Make it is unique, obscure, and nothing you’ve ever used before or will ever use again!
  3. Consider prepaid cards (debit, credit?). Don’t know the options in Canada, but in the States these are common and do not usually require a name attached to them. Pay cash to “charge” the card. When registering the card online, use the VPN.
  4. NEVER USE YOUR NAME WHEN MAKING A DONATION. This is one of the reasons for the prepaid cards vs. a conventional CC. With a conventional CC, you have to give your REAL NAME for validation. In the GSG hack, CC numbers were not (apparently) harvested, but the names were (even if the person chose to be “anonymous”). With the GSG hack, selecting “anonymous” appears only to have impacted whether your name appeared in the website public “donor” list. The hackers still got people’s real names.
  5. Avoid providing superfluous data, such as comments. One “analyst” who had access to a restricted set of the GSG data (no IPs or email addresses), analyzed comments to ascertain the potential origins and general identities of donors. E.g. “When I served in Iraq, we fought for freedom, not these draconian mandates…” (you get the idea), or “We support you here in Texas!!”.
  6. This should be obvious but it bears repeating: NEVER USE A COMPANY EMAIL ADDRESS!! A bunch of GSG donors did this, and are now looking for new jobs.
  7. Keep your gob SHUT! No need to tell anyone you contributed.
  1. Even if you follow these suggestions I cannot guarantee you anonymity. Don’t trust me at all – don’t trust anyone – do your own research! Your mileage may vary.
  2. If an alphabet agency really, really, really wants to hunt you down, they probably can succeed. The goal is to make it hard and not worth-their-while to expend those kinds of resources over a $50 donation. However, you can certainly prevent the “hacktivists” and their “journalist” allies from easily doxxing you. It can also provide plausible deniability if you do it right.
  3. I fully agree with Eeyore. This is NOT about circumventing laws to commit criminal acts! This is about protecting yourself when engaged in legal activities that the establishment now deems to be “fair game” in their war against freedom.
Final Thoughts

I have no idea WHY GSG is STILL allowing public information on donors to be scraped. Donations are STILL rolling in, and names are accessible. The primary NGO involved (Distributed Denial of Secrets) is serving as the “clearing house” for hacked data. They are a very nasty bunch, and they target only conservative outlets. They claim there is an even bigger dump coming, and that the GSG site is still vulnerable and they are still harvesting PII. GSG IS NOT SAFE!! DDOSecrets also provides the products of ransomware dumps – dubiously claiming it’s in “the public domain” because the thieves dumped their booty onto the dark web. They are obviously a protected racket, or they would have been busted years ago. They are likely affiliated with government intelligence agencies.


Parting Thoughts

If you read this far, thank you.  This piece wound up being much longer and more in-depth than I ever intended or expected.  I’m putting my ass on-the-line, but like many of you, so did my fore-bearers.  They fought to give us the precious birthright that is America, and how can we sit back and enjoy its many fruits and then fail to defend her when called?

Good luck and God’s Speed.

And for the the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

— The Declaration of Independence

Freedom Media Repression

Down the Rabbit Hole

Just a quick note to say I have been tardy in updating the blog because I’ve been working hard on something I think is important to share.

I started out to write about the events surrounding the Canadian Freedom Convoy and the subsequent “doxxing” of donors.  If you aren’t already aware, there was a “hack” of the donation platform (GiveSendGo) that was being used to fund the Convoy.  The names, email addresses, employers, and many other bits of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) were “released”.  The Trudeau government is now freezing the financial accounts – not only of Convoy participants – but of DONORS and even FAMILY MEMBERS.  The Canadian government has issued a “State of Emergency” and appears intent on leaving these controls in-place indefinitely.

Moreover, U.S. donors are also now being “doxxed” by so-called “journalists” in this country.  People are losing their jobs over this in some cases.

As I began investigating the data dumps, I stumbled upon a number of very disturbing things.  This included the central distribution source of the hacked data. This organization is actually a registered 501(c)(3) “non profit” in the United States, and their history and practices are truly frightening.  I’m no lawyer, but one would definitely consider their practices to be highly illegal in the U.S. under numerous statutes.  And yet, they have been doing this very type of thing for over 3 years with virtually no interference of any substance by law enforcement authorities.

Very suspicious indeed.

I hope to have an article up on this shortly.  I also intend to provide you with some tips on how you can protect yourself when giving donations to any legal cause you’d like to support.

In the meantime, whatever you do, DO NOT USE THE GIVESENDGO donation platform, for ANYTHING.  I can assure you it is not secure and is still vulnerable to attack.  Indeed, donor harvesting is still taking place.

Peace, and God’s speed.

Climate Change Covid Media Protests

Feb. 13, 2022

Exploding Covid

The Covid narrative appears to be imploding at long last.  What was recently considered to be “conspiracy theory” has now become fact.  Consider:

  • The CDC has finally admitted that cloth masks are not effective, after telling us NOT to wear N95 masks, saying they were unnecessary.
  • Researchers from Johns Hopkins University released a study that has concluded that not only did lockdowns have little or no effect, but that they have actually increased other health issues, resulted in massive economic damage, and contributed to a wide-range of social and psychological ills.

    We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality…They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy

    A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality, 2022

  • States are beginning to drop mandates for vaccinations and masks in droves, even while the Biden Administration tries to push for “full speed ahead”.

Of course, “fact checkers” and social media platforms are in full damage control mode. Many politicians are finally caving due to the ominous approach of mid-term elections which are likely to go against those supporting the “Covidian” narrative.  This was always about politics and power – it was NEVER about “public health.”

Having worked as a scientist and in scientific research (in various capacities) for my entire career, I’ve tried to explain to people why “peer reviewed studies” – especially when funded by government and reported by media – need to be regarded with healthy skepticism.  This fellow “el Gato malo” runs a blog at Substack, and his article “Telling the truth in the age of sponsored science” sums up my experiences better than anything I’ve found thus far. In fact, el Gato “hits-it-out-of the-park” IMHO.

You should take the time to read it. It gets slightly technical, but he does a very good job of explaining the subversion and politicization of science, and how (as I’ve complained here previously) the conclusions often don’t fit the actual data in many of these studies.  I would also recommend reading the comments – there are some very bright and experienced people who follow this blog and their observations are enlightening.

It is also important to keep the lessons of Covid fear-mongering in mind as we approach the next great “catastrophe” that will be used for further government power grabs – “Climate Change”.

Truckistan Update

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vilified 10’s of thousands of protesting truckers and working class people as “fringe”, “Nazis”, “white supremacists”, “racists”, etc. He has of course been joined by Canadian and American media as well as the political class of both nations in his condemnations.  The Biden Administration has made a not-so-veiled call for Trudeau to use force to subdue the malcontents.

The fellow with the dark complexion is PM Justin Trudeau in Blackface

The Freedom Convoy has been accused of perpetrating acts of vandalism, violence, food theft, abuse of the homeless, and countless other horrific acts – with absolutely ZERO evidence presented.  The protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful, with protestors committing such horrific acts as picking up trash, cleaning war monuments, dancing, and hugging each other (and others) a lot.

A CNN “analyst”, Harvard Professor, and former Obama Administration official has called for authorities to:

Slash (their) tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.

— Juliette Kayyem, CNN “Analyst”

Of course it would be fun to watch the government attempt to move a bunch of big-rigs with slashed tires and no fuel, but..hey, she went to Harvard and stuff!  Besides, towing companies are telling the government to go-pound-sand.

The Freedom Convoy has spread from Ottawa to major border crossing points like the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit.  In this regard, it is interesting that the governments of the U.S. and Canada are screaming that the Convoy is “disrupting business and people going to work”.  Remember, these are the same government officials that paralyzed the economies of BOTH nations for 2 YEARS with ineffective and unnecessary lockdowns. The same governments that violated basic human rights, even while endorsing violent BLM and Antifa riots that resulted in murder, business destruction, looting, arson, burned government buildings, “autonomous zones” (CHOP), and billions in economic damage.

Equally amusing – government and their corporate cronies are now claiming the automobile shortages (that have been going on for 2 years) are being caused by the Convoy (which has been going on for 2 weeks).  Even though auto manufacturers had already stated recently they were reducing production (again) due to chip shortages related to ongoing supply chain disruptions (caused by the government).

In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer (who absolutely hammered small businesses with her draconian Covid policies) is now suddenly a heroic defender of small business?  Please.

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has issued the following chilling warning concerning “domestic terrorism”:


  • Who gets to decide what is “misinformation, disinformation, or malinformation?”  The government?
  • Any criticism of the government could be considered to “undermine public trust in government institutions”.  What then, is the purpose of the 1st Amendment?
  • So all criticisms of government that government doesn’t like are terrorist activities because they might “inspire” some random person to commit an act of violence?

I would submit that the 1st Amendment in all of its’ forms was designed to enable Americans to hold government accountable. That especially includes leveling criticisms that the government and their media/corporate allies might not like.

If the 1st Amendment was strictly created to praise and heap adoration on government institutions, we wouldn’t need it, now would we? Last time I checked, North Korea had no 1st Amendment, and Kim Jong-Un was just fine with citizen heaping adoration on his regime – in fact it is strongly encouraged – or required.

Covid Media Supply Chain

Jan. 29, 2022

After a one month hiatus I’m ready to get back to work on this blog.  Between the holidays and the acquisition of new puppy named “Finnegan” I’ve been preoccupied – to say the least.

Here’s our new little adorable demon with a small and sweet little friend (Finnegan is the fuzzy one):

Finnegan and Friend

So with that, let’s get down to business.

Covid Updates

After 2-years of denying the effectiveness of natural immunity, the CDC has FINALLY admitted that natural immunity is more effective than vaccination alone (source study link).

When looking at the summer and the fall of 2021, when delta became the dominant (variant) in this country, … surviving a previous infection now provided greater protection against subsequent infection than vaccination.

— Dr. Benjamin Silk, CDC

This reinforces the results of the Israeli study referenced in a previous post.  Another recently published study by shows that those who are vaccinated and have natural immunity have a type of “super immunity” that is far more effective than vaccination and boosting.

The new study found that it doesn’t matter whether someone gets a breakthrough infection or gets vaccinated after a natural infection. In both cases, the immune response measured in blood serum revealed antibodies that were equally more abundant and more potent – at least 10 times more potent – than immunity generated by vaccination alone.

Yet it is interesting if one does a search for “Covid natural immunity versus vaccination” you will likely still see a string of articles and “fact-checkers” claiming natural immunity is a useless “conspiracy theory” pushed by “anti-vaxxers”.

Meanwhile St. Fauci is pushing for boosters, as well as the potential for a fourth shot.

Question:  What do you think of a “vaccine” that requires 3-4 injections within a period of one year?  Does that sound effective?  Safe?

Speaking of the CDC, the agency that spent 2 years telling us not to wear N95 masks is changing their tune.  Drawing upon my past experience in the environmental investigation and remediation industry, I knew from the beginning that cloth and surgical masks were useless against a virus.  I had numerous arguments with “healthcare professionals” about this very topic.  This was actually my first clue that the pandemic response was about something else other than stopping the spread of a virus – my bullshit meter was pegged.

At present, I do NOT advocate wearing even an N95 mask for a couple of reasons:

  1. The N95 masks currently available do not have a one-way valve for exhaling. N95 with valveAll proper forms of respiratory protection have these types of valves (think of a full face mask like the ones I used to wear). The valve is shut when you inhale, forcing the air through the filtration media. When you exhale the air passes through the valve (path of least resistance). This prevents the pressure inside the mask from lifting up the corners of the mask which will break the seal. These “valve masks” have been effectively banned as part of the pandemic response (if you can even find one).
  2. Although we never used these types of strap-on fabric masks, we generally used an N95-N100 equivalent (called a P100) cartridge filter as an outer pre-filter as part of a combination cartridge, with the second stage filtering out vapors.  combo-filter
    These P100 pre-filters (purple band in the inline image) were designed primarily for particulates 0.3 microns or larger and prevented the main cartridge from getting clogged.  These were never specifically designed to filter out pathogens!
  3. If the mask you’re wearing doesn’t fit properly; if you are constantly touching and adjusting the mask; if you have not been “fitted” with the proper mask design;  wearing that mask will provide you with a false sense of security, and may even result in inadvertently exposing you to greater risk.
  4. I’ve been saying from the beginning that masks (like any PPE) have potential unintended consequences for the wearer. Everything from heat exhaustion, to impaired breathing, and even cardiac stress.  Interestingly, CDC has several guides published on the risks of mask/respirator use, but they explicitly EXCLUDE pandemic uses of these devices – which is ridiculous.  Factory workers (for example) often work entire shifts in hot dirty environments wearing their masks all day long. How is this any different than a healthcare worker doing the same thing?
  5. By CDC’s own admission, many of the N95/KN95 masks being sold and distributed do not comply with the standards for particulate filtration (think Chinese junk). So you may buy and wear one, and it isn’t even capable of doing what you think it’s capable of doing.

One final note:  I’ve read and heard of employers passing out N95/KN95 masks and requiring employees to wear them.  Technically, if an employer does this, they must adhere to OSHA Respiratory Protection Guidelines.  This is even explicitly stated on CDC’s website:

Employers who want to distribute N95 respirators to employees shall follow an Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) respiratory protection program.

If your employer distributes and forces you to wear an N95/KN95 mask and does NOT implement an OSHA-compliant Respiratory Protection Program, they are in violation of the law.  These programs include criteria such as fit testing, medical monitoring, and training.  The fact that CDC and OSHA have – for the last 2 years – carved out exceptions for mask use during the pandemic at all, is absolutely inexcusable. Now that they are pushing N95 use, employees should hold employers to account when they are forced to wear these devices.

Everyone that disagrees with me is a Fascist!

You may (or may not) have heard about the massive Canadian trucker protest rolling across that country on their way to the capitol, Ottawa.  They are protesting mandates, vaccine passports, and other draconian pandemic restrictions.  Estimates are that the convoy is on the order of about 40 miles long and has tens-of-thousands of participants.

Their goal is to gridlock the nation’s capitol until their demands are met.  Justin Trudeau has gone into hiding, and has (predictably) referred to the truckers as a “small” and “fringe” group holding “unacceptable views”.

The “Freedom Convoy” started organically as a response to the imposition of vaccine mandates on both the Canadian and U.S. sides of the border for all truckers carrying goods between the two countries.  These mandates were implemented despite overwhelming pressures on a collapsing supply chain (it’s almost like the government WANTS the system to collapse?).

Everyone is a NaziFrom “heroes” to “white nationalists” – the media is now characterizing the convoy as “white supremacy”, “Nazism”, “extremism”, et al.

Others have claimed this was a plot fomented and organized by Russian President Vladimir Putin (seriously).

Here’s a delightful little political cartoon from the Washington Post showing  exactly what is being disseminated to it’s readership:


You should realize (if you haven’t already) that we are now living in an emerging totalitarian state. Dissent will not be tolerated and you WILL tow the line or be demonized, prosecuted, and cancelled.  YOU are now the “enemy”.  All things for the State, nothing but the State.

Climate Change Covid Media

Nov. 21, 2021

This week:  Worldwide protests against vaccine mandates and lockdowns; the strange correlation between higher vax rates and death; the “Climate Change” farce; and media stupidity.

Corona Virus Updates:

If you are reading this from the U.S. or Canada, keep your eyes peeled for incoming lockdowns.  As Covid cases “spike” across the world, Europe is instituting draconian lockdowns and the normally compliant public is having none of it.

Austria is now placing non-vaccinated citizens under virtual house arrest, while the vaccinated public is largely free to go about their business (for now).  With a fully-vaxxed rate of only 64%, that means 36% (~3.3 million people) of the population will be held prisoner until they comply.  This has led to an explosion of protests in the capitol, Vienna:

And in Salzburg:

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Dutch protests got very spicy when police began firing live rounds over the heads of, and sometimes at, the protestors:

In Croatia thousands gathered against vaccine passports and segregation:

In Paris:

In Rome, Italy:

In Zurich, Switzerland:

In Germany, authorities are following Austria’s lead and making vaccination mandatory for all citizens to live, work, and shop:

And “down-under” in Victoria in Australia, where the people have been subject to some of the most draconian and oppressive lockdowns in the world:

Keep in mind, the events above have all happened within the last 24-48 hours, and correspond to what appears to be a coordinated global lockdown.

Meanwhile in the U.S., they are already talking about second boosters – CDC just recommended booster #1 and they are already pushing booster #2!

And right on cue, the psychopathic Fauci and his media sycophants declare “we just don’t know how many shots will be needed” to stem the curse of Covid.

Fauci even wants to vax infants now – a demographic that has virtually ZERO chance of dying from Covid!

Meanwhile, the British government’s own statistics show that “fully vaccinated” individuals are dying at twice the rate as the unvaccinated, which leads one to question if the vaccines are making people MORE susceptible to Covid as time (and boosting) goes on?

Evidence continues to mount that natural immunity is far superior to the vaccines, and that it is possible that receiving a vaccination too soon after recovery from natural infection may even hamper the development of immunity.  Yet the CDC still refuses to acknowledge the efficacy of natural immunity – at all.

Also disturbing are the number of deaths associated with adverse Covid vaccine events.  One casualty: 56 year old Mike Granata who wanted people to know what the vaccine did to him:

Many nurses and non-nursing staff begged me and my wife to get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession

Mike’s wife actually posted his warning in his obituary, because the family had no other outlet, and no one in the media would listen to them.

You should know that scientists are “mystified” as to the reasons why Covid has all but ignored the entire continent of Africa, where vaccination rates are low (but the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine is high) at around 6% overall.

Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight COVID-19 that they have in Europe and the U.S., but somehow they seem to be doing better

— Wafaa El-Sadr, Columbia University

Interestingly, one of the higher vaxxed nations in Africa  – South Africa (41%) – also has one of the highest rates of Covid-related fatalities.  Yet globalists are pushing hard for more vaccines there.

The highest vaxxed country in Africa is the tiny nation of the Seychelles (~80%), and yet despite being enthusiastic early adopters of the vax, have continuously experienced one of the world’s highest Covid infection rates.

Indeed, it appears that the Covid vaccine narrative is beginning to unravel, and all our “experts” can do is push more of the same policies that got us into this predicament.

Although the vaccine mandate for private employers in the U.S. has been temporarily put on-hold by a Federal court, Biden’s other mandates are about to jettison thousands of military personnel,  healthcare workers, and TSA screeners.  Regardless, the Biden Administration continues to push private employers to issue mandates, and many seem to be complying.  These mandates are poised to wreck the economy, our military, and our healthcare system.

Where is the transparency by our government health officials?  Why (for example) would the FDA ask a Federal court to shield the government from releasing Covid vaccine data to the public for 55 years?

We keep hearing about the “science” and yet one of the most fundamental tenets of actual science is the ability to subject data to peer review and critical analysis.  It should be noted that this FDA petition comes after months of dodging requests for data from scientific researchers in the U.S.

So, let’s get this straight. The federal government shields Pfizer from liability.  Gives it billions of dollars.  Makes Americans take its product.  But won’t let you see the data supporting its product’s safety and efficacy.  Who does the government work for?

— Aaron Siri

It’s almost like they’re hiding something.

Climate Change Madness:

Some skeptical people have begun to question the real purpose of the Covid lockdowns.  Perhaps they are preparing us for something?  In India, they are issuing “climate lockdowns” to stem air pollution.

In the U.S. we are told that electric vehicles (EVs) are a necessary step to avert a climate “disaster”.  China is frequently held up as a “model” of where we need to go (yes, really).  Yet the Chinese seem to be having some real “issues” with that whole environmental sustainability thing.

Industry data shows that the service life of lithium batteries used in electric vehicles is generally 5 to 8 years, and the service life under warranty is 4 to 6 years. That means, tens of thousands of electric car batteries will soon need to be discarded or recycled, and millions more down the road

— Shawn Li, Epoch Times

Meat is another target of the “Green Commissars”.

We have been told- repeatedly and for years- that cattle production is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gasses and therefore we should no longer eat meat, or at least severely cut back in order to save the planet

— Hardscrabble Farmer

In this little gem of an article the author compares the number of cows in the U.S. to the number of wild ungulates (hoofed animals) prior to the arrival of European settlers.  The results are – interesting!  It’s amazing what a little math and some logic can accomplish.  Too bad neither is a strong suit for our governing elites.

Media Stupidity:

If you’ve been paying attention you are probably aware (and a bit surprised) that the “OK” symbol is now widely regarded as a symbol of “white supremacy” – yes, seriously.  I heard it again just a couple of nights ago from some idiotic “journalists” and decided to do a little write-up on this ridiculous fallacy.

In 2017, a group of users on the message board “4chan” decided to “troll” the media and political figures with a hoax dubbed “Operation OKKK“.

Needless to say, it worked like a charm.  Surprisingly, even leftist Wikipedia has an article debunking the “OK” symbol as a form of “white supremacy.”  If the media and our politicians are too stupid to figure this out – after over 4 years – then why are you listening to any of them about anything?

Please stop.

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