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Truckistan Update
Feb 2, 2022

I’ll be providing occasional updates on the massive trucker protest in Canada, since most of the MSM is failing to do so. When they do cover, it is the usual trope of “White Supremacy”, “Racism”, “Nazis”, etc.

Just to give a general overview, Canadian truckers were spurred on initially by cross-border mandates that these essential workers (formerly “heroes”, now “terrorists”) would have to have proof of vaccination in order to cross the border.

The protests are aimed at shutting down the Canadian capitol of Ottawa, as well as blockading a major border crossing between Alberta, CA and Montana, US.

Truckers have reported that the Trudeau government is actively tracking individuals based on vax status using mobile devices. Several found that when they approached the border crossing to display their QR Code Vax Pass on their phones, the border guards said it wasn’t necessary since they “grabbed” the information they needed as they were rolling up to the gate.

It has also been alleged that the Trudeau government has marketed and lobbied the Biden Administration to use this same technology in the U.S.  It is unknown at this time whether this has been implemented in the U.S. or how far along it is.

Add to this that Canada has:

  • implemented nationwide Vax Mandates and Passports;
  • restricted what items people may purchase based on Vax status;
  • restricted movement across provincial boundaries;
  • have imposed fines on the unvaxxed in some provinces;
  • subjected the populace to some of the world’s most draconian lockdowns.

These working class people have had enough, and the protest which was sparked by the cross-border vax mandates and invasive surveillance, has now grown into a full-on repudiation of government pandemic policy.

Here’s an excellent video update from Jack Posobiec on the current status of the protest, as well as the over-the-top gaslighting by P.M. Trudeau and the media.

U.S. truckers are promising a similar protest in the States.  We shall see what lengths the Biden Administration is willing to go to to stop it should it proceed forward.

Covid Media Supply Chain

Jan. 29, 2022

After a one month hiatus I’m ready to get back to work on this blog.  Between the holidays and the acquisition of new puppy named “Finnegan” I’ve been preoccupied – to say the least.

Here’s our new little adorable demon with a small and sweet little friend (Finnegan is the fuzzy one):

Finnegan and Friend

So with that, let’s get down to business.

Covid Updates

After 2-years of denying the effectiveness of natural immunity, the CDC has FINALLY admitted that natural immunity is more effective than vaccination alone (source study link).

When looking at the summer and the fall of 2021, when delta became the dominant (variant) in this country, … surviving a previous infection now provided greater protection against subsequent infection than vaccination.

— Dr. Benjamin Silk, CDC

This reinforces the results of the Israeli study referenced in a previous post.  Another recently published study by shows that those who are vaccinated and have natural immunity have a type of “super immunity” that is far more effective than vaccination and boosting.

The new study found that it doesn’t matter whether someone gets a breakthrough infection or gets vaccinated after a natural infection. In both cases, the immune response measured in blood serum revealed antibodies that were equally more abundant and more potent – at least 10 times more potent – than immunity generated by vaccination alone.

Yet it is interesting if one does a search for “Covid natural immunity versus vaccination” you will likely still see a string of articles and “fact-checkers” claiming natural immunity is a useless “conspiracy theory” pushed by “anti-vaxxers”.

Meanwhile St. Fauci is pushing for boosters, as well as the potential for a fourth shot.

Question:  What do you think of a “vaccine” that requires 3-4 injections within a period of one year?  Does that sound effective?  Safe?

Speaking of the CDC, the agency that spent 2 years telling us not to wear N95 masks is changing their tune.  Drawing upon my past experience in the environmental investigation and remediation industry, I knew from the beginning that cloth and surgical masks were useless against a virus.  I had numerous arguments with “healthcare professionals” about this very topic.  This was actually my first clue that the pandemic response was about something else other than stopping the spread of a virus – my bullshit meter was pegged.

At present, I do NOT advocate wearing even an N95 mask for a couple of reasons:

  1. The N95 masks currently available do not have a one-way valve for exhaling. N95 with valveAll proper forms of respiratory protection have these types of valves (think of a full face mask like the ones I used to wear). The valve is shut when you inhale, forcing the air through the filtration media. When you exhale the air passes through the valve (path of least resistance). This prevents the pressure inside the mask from lifting up the corners of the mask which will break the seal. These “valve masks” have been effectively banned as part of the pandemic response (if you can even find one).
  2. Although we never used these types of strap-on fabric masks, we generally used an N95-N100 equivalent (called a P100) cartridge filter as an outer pre-filter as part of a combination cartridge, with the second stage filtering out vapors.  combo-filter
    These P100 pre-filters (purple band in the inline image) were designed primarily for particulates 0.3 microns or larger and prevented the main cartridge from getting clogged.  These were never specifically designed to filter out pathogens!
  3. If the mask you’re wearing doesn’t fit properly; if you are constantly touching and adjusting the mask; if you have not been “fitted” with the proper mask design;  wearing that mask will provide you with a false sense of security, and may even result in inadvertently exposing you to greater risk.
  4. I’ve been saying from the beginning that masks (like any PPE) have potential unintended consequences for the wearer. Everything from heat exhaustion, to impaired breathing, and even cardiac stress.  Interestingly, CDC has several guides published on the risks of mask/respirator use, but they explicitly EXCLUDE pandemic uses of these devices – which is ridiculous.  Factory workers (for example) often work entire shifts in hot dirty environments wearing their masks all day long. How is this any different than a healthcare worker doing the same thing?
  5. By CDC’s own admission, many of the N95/KN95 masks being sold and distributed do not comply with the standards for particulate filtration (think Chinese junk). So you may buy and wear one, and it isn’t even capable of doing what you think it’s capable of doing.

One final note:  I’ve read and heard of employers passing out N95/KN95 masks and requiring employees to wear them.  Technically, if an employer does this, they must adhere to OSHA Respiratory Protection Guidelines.  This is even explicitly stated on CDC’s website:

Employers who want to distribute N95 respirators to employees shall follow an Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) respiratory protection program.

If your employer distributes and forces you to wear an N95/KN95 mask and does NOT implement an OSHA-compliant Respiratory Protection Program, they are in violation of the law.  These programs include criteria such as fit testing, medical monitoring, and training.  The fact that CDC and OSHA have – for the last 2 years – carved out exceptions for mask use during the pandemic at all, is absolutely inexcusable. Now that they are pushing N95 use, employees should hold employers to account when they are forced to wear these devices.

Everyone that disagrees with me is a Fascist!

You may (or may not) have heard about the massive Canadian trucker protest rolling across that country on their way to the capitol, Ottawa.  They are protesting mandates, vaccine passports, and other draconian pandemic restrictions.  Estimates are that the convoy is on the order of about 40 miles long and has tens-of-thousands of participants.

Their goal is to gridlock the nation’s capitol until their demands are met.  Justin Trudeau has gone into hiding, and has (predictably) referred to the truckers as a “small” and “fringe” group holding “unacceptable views”.

The “Freedom Convoy” started organically as a response to the imposition of vaccine mandates on both the Canadian and U.S. sides of the border for all truckers carrying goods between the two countries.  These mandates were implemented despite overwhelming pressures on a collapsing supply chain (it’s almost like the government WANTS the system to collapse?).

Everyone is a NaziFrom “heroes” to “white nationalists” – the media is now characterizing the convoy as “white supremacy”, “Nazism”, “extremism”, et al.

Others have claimed this was a plot fomented and organized by Russian President Vladimir Putin (seriously).

Here’s a delightful little political cartoon from the Washington Post showing  exactly what is being disseminated to it’s readership:


You should realize (if you haven’t already) that we are now living in an emerging totalitarian state. Dissent will not be tolerated and you WILL tow the line or be demonized, prosecuted, and cancelled.  YOU are now the “enemy”.  All things for the State, nothing but the State.

Covid Supply Chain

Dec 12, 2021

More evidence the Covid vaccines may be making people more susceptible to infection, and that the vaccinated are significant sources of virus transmissibility; Omicron variant infections among the vaccinated suggest “Original Antigen Sin” may be hindering natural immune response; a researcher explains why and how the vaccines may cause irreversible damage to your body; FDA and CDC move the goalposts again; and gaslighting and the supply chain crisis.

Covid Vaccines and Irreversible Damage:

If you watch only one video, this is the one to spend your time on.  Dr. Steven Pelech from the University of British Columbia explains how the vaccines can cause permanent heart and neurological damage, as well as autoimmune disease:

Dr. Pelech also does an excellent job of explaining how the immune system works, and why these mRNA vaccines (unlike conventional vaccines) attack your own healthy cells – cells that in many cases, cannot be replaced.

This concept that the vaccine-induced immunity is superior in any way to natural immunity is sheer nonsense. Anyone who says this should consult a first-year immunology textbook…We now know that these Covid vaccines that use the RNA or that use the adenovirus for delivery, the immunity does not last. Even with double booster shots in Israel we see that 90% of the people that are in hospital in Israel are double-vaccinated.

— Dr. Steven Pelech

The Vaccines and OAS:

Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) is a phenomenon where prior infection produces antibodies that may be far less effective when an individual is subsequently infected with a version of the original pathogen that is heavily mutated.  The immune system “recognizes” certain parts of the mutated virus and produces antibodies which may not be effective against the variant. In this way, the immune system response becomes “trapped” in a cycle of producing ineffective antibodies instead of producing new antibodies that would be effective against the new strain.

Source: By SiliconProphet – Sabban, Sari (2011) Development of an in vitro model system for studying the interaction of Equus caballus IgE with its high- affinity FcεRI receptor (PhD thesis), The University of Sheffield, CC BY-SA 4.0,

OAS could be exacerbated by repeated vaccine boosters.  Read a nice summary (with source links) of recent research into OAS and the vaccines here, and how Omicron infectivity in double and triple jabbed people may be a warning against repeated boosting and new vaccinations.

You might also like to read a newly published paper in the Lancet that offers further evidence that the vaccinated can and do transmit the virus.  If the vaccinated can transmit the virus as least as readily as the unvaccinated, then why are vaccine mandates necessary?

Many decisionmakers (sic) assume that the vaccinated can be excluded as a source of transmission. It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.

— Gunter Kampf


Originally developed for humans as an anti-parasitic, Ivermectin has been proposed (and is being used in some parts of the world) as a therapeutic treatment for Covid-19 infections.  Despite the safety and wide-spread use of Ivermectin, many government health officials have adamantly opposed its’ use in treating Covid patients. In the United States, pharmacists today will generally not fill Ivermectin prescriptions, assuming you can find a doctor to write one.  Doctors are afraid of being targeted and have had their licenses threatened for prescribing it.

Although there have been numerous studies showing the promise of Ivermectin in treating Covid-19, and despite the fact it is generally safe when properly administered, the Western medical community has flatly refused to condone its’ use, even for off-label purposes. The media and even the CDC have slammed Ivermectin as “a horse dewormer”, despite the fact it was developed for humans, and is still widely used in the human population.

Presented below is a video provided by the FLCCC entitled “The Ivermectin Story”.  It explains the history of Ivermectin and dispels the myths of it being a mere “horse dewormer”.

Note: the first part of the video is the “Ivermectin Story” and is followed by a discussion, so don’t close the video after the credits roll.  Check out the FLCCC for more information.

Dr. John Campbell discusses the successful use of Ivermectin in Japan:

Japan is now also including warning labels on the vaccines and requiring fully informed consent before they can be administered.

More on Omicron:

Although the Omicron variant was ostensibly discovered in South Africa, it now appears it has actually been present in the U.S. since probably mid-November.  Although Omicron has proven to be far less virulent than Delta, this has not stopped Western governments from instituting new draconian measures, including new travel bans, and even threats to redefine “fully vaccinated”.   Some researchers even believe that Omicron could sound the death-knell of the pandemic.  That is, with its’ very low lethality and high rate of infectivity, it is hoped it will quickly establish naturally immunity in large segments of the population.  It is also speculated the virus may be evolving to become more infectious, but far less dangerous. like other Coronaviruses.

The Pandemic as a Political Weapon of Oppression:

Why would government health officials ignore and even suppress the use of safe, inexpensive therapeutic drugs to treat Covid-19, and push experimental vaccines?  Senator Ron Johnson speculates:

In Europe, European Union President Ursula von der Leyen, has called for the mandatory vaccination of 500 million people, and the suspension of the Nuremberg Code.

Take a virtual tour of the Canadian “hotel prisons” in Calgary used for Covid quarantine.

In Austria, citizens who fail to get the vax by February 2022, face fines of $8,000 and up to one year in prison.

Yale University epidemiologist, Dr. Harvey Risch, is characterizing Covid-19 as a “Pandemic of Fear” perpetrated on the public by power hungry ruling elites.   Risch joins a growing chorus of medical professionals and researchers calling for early treatment of Covid-19 infections using therapeutics like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

In Portland, Oregon, kindergartners (who have almost no chance of dying from Covid) are forced to sit on buckets outside just to eat their lunch.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is not only pushing boosters, but says we will also need at least a fourth dose.

Speaking of Pfizer, the FDA has now asked the court to give it 75 years to release all its’ data on the Pfizer vaccine (up from 55 years last week).

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has candidly revealed that as far as she’s concerned, “There’s not going to be an endpoint to this vaccination program..”.

In New Brunswick, Canada, Provincial government officials have cleared the way to allow businesses to ban the unvaccinated from grocery stores.

Lockdowns and mandates are taking their toll on the mental health of people worldwide.  In Melbourne, Australia a woman set herself on fire inside her car with a sign that read “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US“.

Facing an insurmountable financial and legal burden imposed by vaccine passport violations, a man in Germany killed himself and his entire family.  He was in considerable trouble with authorities for forging his wife’s vaccine certificate.

The Supply Chain – Lies, Lies, and Lies:

As I mentioned last week, U.S. officials have “solved” the shipping crisis at the Ports of LA and Long Beach by moving hundreds of ships 150 miles off the coast – out-of-site, out-of-mind.  The original reason given was “air pollution” from the ships anchored near the coast.  This week the excuse was “rough seas and strong winds“.  In any event, port officials and the Biden Administration are proclaiming “victory” over the shipping crisis.

So what is it guys? Is the crisis “solved”, if so why have well over 100 ships been pushed out to sea? Do they no longer count as part of the backlog?  Why were they pushed out – pollution, winds, rough waters?  The problem with telling lies, is it’s hard to keep your facts straight.


Covid Government Regulation Supply Chain

Dec. 5, 2021

This week we look at the first Pfizer document dump from FDA; the Omnicron panic; Australian Covid concentration camps; new warnings from the U.K. on the vaccines and heart problems; international human rights laws and vaccine mandates; the misdeeds of the “Uniparty”; our emerging 2-tiered justice system; and supply-chain deceptions.

Covid Updates:

The group Public Health and Medical Professionals  for Transparency (PHMP) sued the FDA for the release of all documentation used to evaluate and approve the Pfizer vaccine.  While FDA fought the release of any data, the court ruled that FDA had to comply with PHMP’s FOIA request.  For its’ part, FDA asked the judge to give them 55 years to release all of the data, stating they could only release 500 pages per month.  PHMP’s legal counsel countered with a motion to force the FDA to expedite the FOIA request and release all documents by March 3, 2022, stating in part:

This 108-day period is the same amount of time it took the FDA to review the responsive documents for the far more intricate task of licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine…It is difficult to imagine a greater need for transparency than immediate disclosure of the documents relied upon by the FDA to license a product that is now being mandated to over 100 million Americans under penalty of losing their careers, their income, their military service status, and far worse

After FDA released the first 500 pages (available for download on the PHMP’s website), several issues of concern were noted that are partially summarized in the table below (note pink are “serious” and blue “non-serious”):

Some highlights from just the first 90 days after EUA release:

  • 1,223 deaths
  • 158,893 adverse reactions
  • 25,957 nervous system issues
  • The possibility of “Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED), including Vaccine-associated Enhanced Respiratory Disease (VAERD)”

With respect to VAED/VAERD:

VAED may present as severe or unusual clinical manifestations of COVID-19. Overall, there were 37 subjects with suspected COVID-19 and 101 subjects with confirmed COVID-19 following one or both doses of the vaccine; 75 of the 101 cases were severe, resulting in hospitalisation, disability, life-threatening consequences or death. None of the 75 cases could be definitively considered as VAED/VAERD.  In this review of subjects with COVID-19 following vaccination, based on the current evidence, VAED/VAERD remains a theoretical risk for the vaccine. Surveillance will continue.

What is VAED?

Vaccine-associated enhanced diseases (VAED) are modified presentations of clinical infections affecting individuals exposed to a wild-type pathogen after having received a prior vaccination for the same pathogen
Munoz et al, February 2022

In other words – in some individuals, receiving a vaccine may cause those vaccinated to become more seriously ill from exposure to the pathogen than they would have had they not been vaccinated.

The Omicron variant is with us, and although it is so far proving to produce mild cases with a low chance of reinfection, world leaders are reacting with new draconian lockdowns, testing requirements, and other overreaching restrictions.  Dr. Peter McCullough discusses Omicron and offers some advice on how to protect yourself from hospitalization and death:

The Biden Administration has threatened (but not yet implemented) to force travelers to the U.S. (including citizens) to quarantine for 7 days, even if they test negative.

Dr Aseem Malhotra, a consulting cardiologist with the U.K.’s NHS, is warning that he has been advised by doctors and researchers that they are seeing serious cardiovascular complications from the vaccines.  However, those doctors are afraid to publish their findings for fear of losing funding:

In Germany, news anchors are wantonly demonizing the unvaccinated and calling for their isolation from society:

German pathology professors, Arne Burkhardt and Walter Lang, have performed autopsies on 10 people who died after taking the Covid vaccine.  Burkhardt and Lang found lymphocytic myocarditis (an autoimmune related cause of heart inflammation), as well as:

(a) reduction in immune capacity, acceleration of cancer growth, vascular damage ‘endothelitis’, vasculitis, perivasculitis and erythrocyte ‘clumping’


Presented below is a first-hand account of a young Australian woman who was forcibly interned in a “quarantine camp” for being “exposed” to someone with Covid (although she tested negative herself).  Unfortunately for her, this was not her first rodeo:

Do Mandates Violate Human Rights Laws?

There is a debate raging on social media and in the press about whether or not vaccine mandates violate the Nuremberg Code and/or the U.N.’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (UDBHR).  Pro-mandate and “fact-checking” sources claim that the Nuremberg Code applies only to “experimental” medical procedures or treatments, and argue that the vaccines are not experimental in nature.  They also attack claimed violations of UDBHR using Article #27 of that document.

Vaccine-skeptics often mistakenly switch the two separate codes when making their case (citing UDBHR language as Nuremberg and vice versa), thereby giving their critics ammunition to discredit them.

First a couple of fundamental passages from both documents are necessary.  One of the most oft-cited portions of Nuremberg includes the following statement:

…the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision

— Nuremberg Code, Section #1

Next let’s look at the UDBHR:

Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice

— UDBHR, Article #6

Now let’s look at UDBHR Article #27:

If the application of the principles of this Declaration is to be limited, it should be by law, including laws in the interests of public safety, for the investigation, detection and prosecution of criminal offences, for the protection of public health or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. Any such law needs to be consistent with international human rights law

— UDBHR, Article #27

Finally UDBHR Article #28

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any claim to engage in any activity or to perform any act contrary to human rights, fundamental freedoms and human dignity

— UDBHR, Article #28

I have attempted to sort this out, and I have arrived at an opinion.  From what I can determine, I believe that vaccine mandates in the U.S. constitute a violation of both Nuremberg and UDBHR.  Here’s why:

  • Contrary to popular belief, at the time the vaccine mandate was issued in the U.S. the Pfizer vaccine was legally NOT FDA approved.  The approval was in fact for another drug made by Pfizer called “Comirnaty”.  This is another hot topic for another post, but I am satisfied (after much work) that the original Pfizer shot was not legally approved by FDA.  There has been no shortage of double talk on this, from claims of “it’s just a brand name” to “there are no substantive differences”, but it’s all doublethink.
  •  If the Pfizer shot is not FDA approved, it is experimental, and thus, the mandate would be in clear violation of the Nuremberg Code until such time as the Comirnaty formulation is available.
  • The Moderna and J&J jabs are still operating under an EUA, and thus, are experimental.  Therefore including them in the mandate is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.
  • Apart from Nuremberg, the mandate would also seem to violate UDBHR Article #6, which is NOT limited “experimental” treatments.
  • Critics of my position might point to Article #27 above.  But I would point them back to Article #28. I think that denying a person the right to work in their chosen vocation; restricting their access to healthcare; and denying them statutory benefits such as unemployment, medicare, etc. due to their refusal to vax, does indeed violate Article #28 and certainly the “spirt” of Article #6.

I’m not a chicken, so here’s a link to what “bioethicists” think of this position.  Make up your own mind on this, but here are a couple of observations on the pro-mandate arguments against Nuremberg and UDBHR:

  • Notice in the link above, they quote Article #6, but truncate the quote.  Specifically this bit:  “The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice
  • Much time is spent parsing the meaning and types of “consent”. But I would point out that given the fact that FDA wants 55 years to release information on the “approved” Pfizer vaccine, it is impossible to have an independent and impartial evaluation of these data, thus, making the rendering of any sort of informed consent, impossible.
  • Another argument made by the “bioethicists” is that you don’t have the right to informed consent if you “pose a risk to others”.  I would first observe that the data clearly show that vaccinated individuals can spread Covid to others as easily as the unvaccinated. So vaccination does not change the risk profile for “spread”.  Moreover, they cite “principles of bioethics” – this is a philosophical, not a legal standard and has no legal standing on its’ own.

Consider the case of Bobby B0lin of Texas.  Bolin had recovered from Covid and needed a lung transplant because he suffered from COPA Syndrome.  Because government health authorities do not recognize naturally immunity, Bolin was forced into being double jabbed with Moderna, despite having serious lung issues.  He died after the second jab from a pulmonary embolism and heart issues.  Mr. Bolin was placed in an untenable position of having to choose between death by vax, or death by COPA.  Would “bioethicists” approve?  Probably.

Misdeeds of the Uniparty:

Are you an American who is upset with the policies of the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden?  Do you believe that the “opposition” Republicans will save you?  Well, consider that 80 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill that would establish a national vaccine database.  The Federal government will be able to track everyone’s vax status, including boosters.  What could possibly go wrong?

2-Tiered Justice:

First, let’s look at the definition of the Rule of Law:

Rule of law is a principle under which all persons, institutions, and entities are accountable to laws that are:

  • Publicly promulgated
  • Equally enforced
  • Independently adjudicated
  • And consistent with international human rights principles.

So you might be wondering how it is that the NIAD Director or a U.S. Attorney General can commit serious felonies, and yet not only escape punishment, but even a trial?  If any of us were to engage in arms trafficking with drug cartels, or create a deadly virus with taxpayer money and then lie to Congress about it, we would expect to be in a great deal of trouble, no?

This special “privilege” is now being extended to some ordinary folks on account of “systemic racism” and the need for “equity“.

The impact of being jailed before trial can be lasting and severe: in addition to job loss, disruption in benefits like health insurance, and debt creation from being unable to work, it also increases your chances of pleading guilty and receiving a harsher sentence. Because low-income people and people of color are arrested and jailed at disproportionate rates, the consequences are felt even more deeply in these communities

This may be why the Wauesha Christmas Parade massacrer, Darrell Brooks, was released on a paltry $1,000 cash bail after he beat and ran over his girlfriend with his SUV – the same SUV he would use in just a couple of weeks to mow-down dozens and kill 6. It’s worth noting that Brooks was already out on bail (when he was released on bail, again) for shooting two people.  He also had an outstanding warrant in Nevada for committing a sex crime.  But hey, we wouldn’t want him to be “impacted” by being kept out of civilized society.  So now 6 people are dead and dozens are injured but…equity!

Supply Chain Sleight of Hand:

The Biden Administration is crowing that they’ve “solved” the shipping backlog at the ports of L.A./Long Beach.  But it turns out, all they’ve actually done is move hundreds of ships out 150 miles from port – out of sight, out of mind.  My favorite mariner, Sal Mercogliano explains with maps!

Parting Thoughts:

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.
–Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Climate Change Covid Government Regulation Immigration Supply Chain Taxation Woke

Nov. 7, 2021

There is so much happening right now it’s hard to keep up with it all, especially given my limited time to devote to this blog. I’m doing my best to highlight some of the most important topics, but inevitably, there are some I will miss. This week: vax damage, immigration hijinks, energy shortages, abuses by the trans-lobby, the “bi-partisan” infrastructure bill, and green energy madness.

Questions about the Vax:

A Swedish investigation into the spike protein present in the Coronadoom (which is also produced by the vax) shows that the protein interferes with the ability of your cells to repair DNA. This leads to concerns about long-term cancer risk.

Nurses across the country are reporting an inordinate number of very sick people in the nation’s hospitals. Over 80% of these individuals have been fully vaccinated, and the majority are NOT suffering from Covid.


Most shocking perhaps, is how doctors and administrators refuse to report the rising number of unexplained medical problems in otherwise healthy people as potential adverse reactions to the COVID-19 experimental vaccine shots.

Dr. Peter McCullough: The spike protein damages the heart and is deadly inside the human body:

Dr. Robert Kaplan of the Stanford School of Medicine shares his concerns about the vax with Ron Johnson’s Senate subcommittee:

MIT research scientist Retsef Levi discusses the government-led campaign to silence scientific debate on the Covid vax:

The family of an elderly man who died of Covid-19, donated his body to “science” in accordance with his wishes.  They subsequently discovered that he was dissected in front of a live audience – not for scientific purposes – but for the “dark entertainment” of paying, degenerate onlookers.

Swiss Policy Research on the efficacy (or lack thereof) of mask mandates.

More research out of Israel indicating that the vax has no impact on mortality rates when compared to low-vax Palestine.  But, but, boosters!

Crisis of the unvaccinated?  A year long study shows the vaccinated spread Delta.

Infrastructure Bill:

The House passed the $1.75 trillion “infrastructure” bill with the help of 13 feckless virtue-signaling Republicans.  So what’s in it exactly? We’ve been told it is all about “roads and bridges”, yet only $110 billion of the bill is allocated for that purpose.  There is $55 billion for upgrades and repairs to America’s dilapidated electrical grid, and other monies for ports, broadband, and airports.

But then, there is the crazy stuff:

  • $500 million for “tree equity” (WTF is that?)
  • $400 million giveaway to bloated Universities
  • $75 million for a study on how to tax Americans for road usage based on income level (per mile)
  • $750 million to Washington D.C. for their public transport system
  • Billions for “climate change” nonsense

Read the rest here.

The Climate Change Scam:

Washington has a plan, and it involves eliminating the use of ALL fossil fuels and replacing them (apparently) with thousands of windmills and solar panels.  We won’t get into the absurdity of “climate change” or the complete unworkability of this scheme today, but let’s just say you should be prepared for massive energy shortages.  Your way of life is being systematically destroyed based on “models”. You may even experience blackouts this winter, and certainly, skyrocketing energy prices.

The plan to eliminate fossil fuels from America’s power grid is called “Net Zero”.  Treasury Secretary Janet “granny” Yellen estimates the price tag at $150 trillion (which means the real cost is probably 2-3x’s that amount).

You and your family may freeze to death, but hey, mother earth has a temperature and it’s all your fault!

So what is the Administration doing to help alleviate this problem?

The Trans-Lobby and White Women Racists:

Question: What happens when the interests of one favored “oppressed” group conflicts with those of another? Which side will the Progressive social engineers take?  It all depends on which group best helps them advance their Marxist agenda at any given moment.  Ladies of America, prepare to be tossed under the bus! Feminism is dead, long live Trans!

White suburban women were instrumental in putting Joe Biden over the top in 2020.  Now apparently, they are all racists.

Youngkin not only ran on racism — he ran on a very specific kind of racism targeted at white women. And white women came through for him. 

— David Roberts, Vox

In another interesting case, a teenage girl reported a sexual assault to school officials in Charlotte, NC.  The alleged perpetrator confessed to police and was subsequently charged.  So why was the victim suspended?  We don’t know anything yet about the perp, but stay tuned – there is always a “reason”.

Cultural Enrichment, Demographic Terraforming:

By now almost anyone with a pulse knows our southern border is totally out-of-control.  What you may not know, is that the Biden Administration would like to give $450,000 to each person “traumatized” by Customs and Border Enforcement.  It is estimated that about $1 million would be paid to each family. 

Think about that, then look at your 401K. Now look at your paystub.  Biden initially said the report was “garbage”,  then walked it back and said he was talking about the amount.  Then the White House said they would be “comfortable” with a settlement.

Europe has it’s own problems with “cultural enrichment”.  Gang rapes are on the rise, and in Germany, half are committed by migrants.

Migration research must question how it can happen that a young girl becomes a victim of men who come from another cultural area. This has simply not happened so far.

— Necla Kelek, Women’s Rights Advocate

Necla, you are no longer useful to the Progressive establishment.  Time to submit to the migrant lobby for the good of the collective!

Supply Chain Woes:

This is an excellent article by a 20-year trucker that succinctly describes the supply chain cluster fuck from the perspective of truck drivers.