Covid Government Regulation Taxation Woke

Oct. 31, 2021

A closer look at the psychopathy of Tony Fauci.  More Covid and vax news and analysis. Startling new details on the status of the IRS bank snooping proposal tucked inside the “Build Back Better” infrastructure bill.  The frightening consequences of America’s new “woke” military, and much more.

Tony Fauci – America’s Josef Mengele :

Investigative journalist Sharri Markson has so far uncovered a total of 65 experiments funded by St. Fauci and the NIH at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Many of these experiments are still on-going, and include brutal animal testing of questionable scientific value.

Some questions:

  1. Did the American taxpayers fund the SARS-COV2 virus that is now plaguing the world?
  2. Are Fauci and NIH funding barbaric animal experiments in China, Tunisia and elsewhere to avoid both strict animal testing guidelines in the U.S. as well as public scrutiny?

Fauci also stands accused of funding psychological torture experiments on primates. Portions of the monkeys’ brains were damaged, and they were then terrorized by fake predators like snakes and giant spiders:

Covid and the Vaxx:

While the Biden Administration’s draconian vaccine mandates stand to put millions of Americans out of work for non-compliance, the President and his Congressional colleagues seemed none-too-concerned about the vax status of thousands of illegal aliens.  Indeed, the DHS is flying hundreds of thousands from our southern border, and depositing them all throughout the U.S.  Yet, when Republican Congressmen proposed a bill that would require Covid-19 testing for all illegals being processed into the U.S., it was rejected by 217 House Democrats.


  1. If it’s OK to fire even critical American workers like firefighters, EMS, police, military personnel, and healthcare workers all in the name of stopping the spread of Covid, why are we flying thousands of potentially infected 3rd world migrants all over the country?
  2. The Democrats have been the most vocal advocates of Covid testing and vaccinations.  Why is this different?

We’ve mentioned Dr. Peter McCullough before.  Here he is in a recent talk discussing mRNA safety and efficacy and the need (and general absence) for early treatment:

Dr. McCullough has a show on America Out Loud called the McCullough Report, if you’re interested.

“Vaccine Hesitancy” isn’t just some aberrant American conspiracy theory or Trumpian political plot.  In Germany, some are beginning to suspend boosters due to disconcerting adverse reactions including myocarditis [Note: this is a German language article, so click on the “English” button for translation].

Now a very frank discussion from a panel of doctors and researchers on the Covid pandemic and the implications of mRNA vaccine use (including mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone).  Also discussed: Covid is a “fear pandemic” that is destroying the psychological well-being of particularly children. I’m amazed ScrewTube hasn’t pulled it yet.  Please watch while you still can:  Note:  as predicted, YouTube banned this video, so an alternate source has been provided below:

Again, this panel points out an inconvenient fact noted by Dr. McCullough – that the spike proteins the vax codes for are perhaps the most dangerous portion of the virus.


  1. Is the widespread use of the mRNA vaccines (and many boosters) creating for SARS-COV2, a form of robust resistance and “smarter” mutations?
  2. If we can’t “vaccinate our way out of this problem”, why are we pushing so many boosters? Why are we ignoring therapeutics for early treatment? Why are the advocates for therapeutics being censored and ignored?
  3. The doctors on the panel state we are not so much in a medical pandemic as a “fear pandemic”.  Who has stoked that fear, and why?  Who benefits?

About that IRS Bank Snooping Bill:

In a previous post we discussed a proposal buried in the “Build Back Better” infrastructure bill that would force banks to report your account activity when the total of the inflows and outflows from that account total $600 or more per year – a dragnet of all Americans’ bank accounts.

Sen. Ron Wyden – one of the proponents of that bill – stated that they would raise that threshold from $600 to $10000 and not count W2 income as part of that total. This would still mean very little, because even if your W2 income isn’t counted your expenditures are, and who doesn’t spend more than $10,000/yr to live?

Then we were told that this provision was so controversial, that the Democrats were going to totally remove the bank snooping provision.

HOWEVER, the House released the full text of “BBB” on Thursday Oct. 28, 2021, and guess what was in that bill?  The ORIGINAL proposal of a $600 threshold with no exemptions for W2 income.  They lied to all of us!

The Supply Chain Crisis:

Some may find the video below to be a bit dry and perhaps boring, but I think it is really important to try and dissect the myriad reasons for the supply chain crisis.

One of the most important punchlines from Sal’s video is that the Federal Government is trying to “solve” the port backlog by levying horrendous fines against shipping companies for not removing containers (empties or exports).  But because of the way most shipping contracts are written, these costs will be passed on to the shippers and therefore ultimately, to consumers (i.e. YOU). This would exacerbate inflation and do little to clear port congestion.

Wokeism is Destroying Our Military:

Whether the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is pearl-clutching over “white rage“, or the Administration is making a transgendered pediatrician a 4-star Admiral, the U.S. military seems to have some very upside-down priorities.  This actually began under the Obama Administration, where then President Obama conspired to remove qualified old-school generals and admirals from the U.S. armed forces and replace them with “woke” officers beholding to leftist social engineering.  This is a practice that has been continued under the Biden Administration.

Case in point:  the destruction and total loss of a $2 billion amphibious assault ship – the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard.  The Bonhomme Richard was set ablaze by an arsonist in July 2020 while the ship was docked for maintenance operations.  The loss of the Bonhomme Richard was ultimately not due so much to the arson, but the fact that the crew failed to follow fire suppression and alarm protocols.

According to an official U.S. Navy report:

“Although the fire was started by an act of arson, the ship was lost due to an inability to extinguish the fire,” the report said, concluding that “repeated failures” by an “inadequately prepared crew” delivered “an ineffective fire response.”

Members of Congress have become increasingly concerned over the lack of combat-ready preparedness in the military, due in large part to an emphasis on questionable social engineering policies.


Meme Monday

Covid Supply Chain Woke

Oct. 24, 2021

Today’s dump pulls the mask off of St. Fauci and details how the government is sabotaging therapeutic treatments for those infected with Coronadoom.  Discover some of the critical reasons for the supply chain snarl and product shortages that the MSM isn’t covering.  Learn about why “Woke to Broke” may be in all of our futures, and the dystopian nightmare world of “Wokeism”.

St. Fauci has Fallen:

In 2019 Fauci and his chums from “Kewl Scientists Club” met to discuss their frustration with the slow progress of vaccine technology. If only there was a way to bypass the years of safety testing and randomized trials.  Hmmm, maybe a “disruptive” event?

Fauci was asked repeatedly by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky whether he and NIH Director Francis Collins funded “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Lab in China.  Fauci adamantly denied doing this.  What is “gain of function”?  In this case, it is an attempt to take something like a bat virus and try to make it communicable to humans, and generally, to make it more infectious.

Well, it turns out that St. Fauci lied – again.  Indeed, he was outed by the NIH in a letter dated October 20, 2021.  Russell Brand (certainly no right-winger) does a nice 10 minute treatment of the sins of St. Fauci:

Not confined to treating humans like guinea pigs, it looks like St. Fauci isn’t a fan of puppies either.

Australian immunologist and geneticist Professor Edward Steele has a few choices words about vaccine safety you might find interesting:

Now imagine you’ve had your vax (or not), wore your mask, but you still got Covid.  You’re getting sicker and it’s getting scary.  You go to the doctor and he prescribes a therapeutic drug for off-label use in an effort to try and save your life.  Good luck getting the woke pharmacist to fill it!

Broken Supply Chain:

The next video does an excellent job of explaining what’s going on at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  At present, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 cargo vessels are waiting to dock. Yet of the 100’s of cranes only a handful are operating, and despite Biden’s assurances the port is definitely NOT open 24/7.  What’s the problem?  Government regulations!  I’ll let Sal explain:

Gosh it’s almost as though Mayor Pete wants to create supply chain shortages?

So if you are one of the unlucky Americans that decided to buy a new car this year you may have had some trouble due to chip shortages.  For those of you that bought a used car instead, keeping it on the road may be challenging because now there’s a shortage of auto parts!

Woke Dystopia:

I pity anyone with school-aged kids, I really do.  Their minds are being filled with woke CRT mush as school boards seek to demonize white people and destroy every shred of whatever moral fiber remains.

One school district in Massachusetts is segregating kids by race, gender, and ethnic background. They’ve set up a tattletale system of child-informants that would make Stalin or the East German Stasi blush with envy.  They are not above taking punitive action against kids for using “offensive” words like “normal” even outside school grounds.  I mean WTAF?

You know it’s bad when an ex-KGB spook points out the insanity of America’s woke culture. He’s even compared what’s happening here to the social policies of the former Soviet Union.

Ah, but woke is not just for kids!  The new infrastructure bill would introduce wokeism into your retirement planning – all for the good of mother earth.  If you don’t know what ESG is yet, you will soon.

Covid Economics Government Regulation Taxation

Oct. 17, 2021

Today’s dump includes carefully curated alt-information on the Coronadoom, and a few tidbits on what’s really in that $5 trillion “infrastructure” bill.  Also does the plan for a “digital dollar” mean the end of cash – and your privacy?


Canadian doctor describes her experiences in an Ontario ER:

Dr. Peter McCullough is no slouch, and he has some very interesting information on Covid and the vaxx:

Project Veritas interviews a Pfizer whistleblower:

I’m from the government and I’m here to help you:

Under the $3.5 trillion proposed infrastructure bill, banks will be required to report customer account information for bank accounts with at least $600 or at least $600 worth of transactions. This will also include transfers between accounts. The Biden administration claims this plan targets “billionaires” who don’t pay their “fair share”. Yet anyone that direct deposits their checks (and makes more than $600 a year); anyone that pays rent, or a mortgage; actually just about everyone will be targeted.

Read it and weep

The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), a group which represents thousands of small community banks and credit unions has come out against the proposal along with numerous other trade groups and State Treasurers.

Of course the “Fact Checkers” are in full spin mode, claiming among other things that Congress must approve of the measure first (duh, it’s in the Infrastructure package).  Also that “only” inflows and outflows will be reported – however flags on these amounts would permit access to transaction-level information, and would likely trigger audits. The cost of implementing the measure could put many small community banks and credit unions out of business, forcing Americans with no choice but to bank with the big corporates.

The immediate goal appears to continue Washington’s assault on small businesses. However, with the power to collect these data, it may be just the beginning.

Are you ready for the Digital Dollar?

The Federal Reserve is currently “exploring” the creation of a “digital dollar”. The digital dollar is a form of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), similar to crypto but with none of the privacy protections of crypto. The CBDC would also be programmable.  CBDC’s would also pave the way for negative interest rates – a reduction in value of your “digital dollar” holdings done at the direction of the Federal Reserve.  Such negative interest rates are viewed by some as a “boom” to the economy, because they reduce the incentive to save, and increase the likelihood consumers will spend their money rather than lose it to central bank devaluation.

Of course, if a CBDC existed alongside physical cash, that might not work so well.

Indeed, when the Bank of Japan tried negative interest rates there was a run on safes – millions of Japanese pulled out their cash and stashed in their homes.  So this would likely necessitate the inevitable demise of the greenback.

Now imagine – no cash, digital dollars (programmable dollars) – everything can be tracked. The government will know what you buy, when you buy it, and how much you spend on various items like gasoline, meat, alcohol – all the good stuff.   Perhaps a “carbon tax” because of your cumulative consumption of fossil fuels and meat? Or maybe the programmable “FedCoin” just won’t allow you to buy that six-pack – for your own good, of course.