This blog was started at the request of people interested in having access to news and information not readily available from mainstream media sources. We live in an age of increasing censorship and misinformation. My goal is to try and cut through that.

As a scientist and engineer, I’m a person genuinely interested in finding the truth – not what I’d LIKE to be the truth, but hopefully what IS the truth (or as close as I can get to it).  But the objective “truth” is not always easy to lay your hands on.

In the age of Sars-Cov2 (aka: Coronavirus, the Coronadoom, Covid-19) we have seen politics and social engineering co-opt the quest for truth and pervert the cause of science.  This isn’t a particularly new development – it has gone on to varying degrees throughout human history.  But it is a process that has been greatly accelerated to the point of great virulence in recent years.  This trend is particularly dangerous in an age where we increasingly place our fates in the hands of “experts”.  What may appear to be “good science” may actually be perverted pseudo or “junk” science that has been distorted by Government money and social pressure to produce desired political and social outcomes.

Science is about using the scientific method – a systematic and non-biased means of obtaining observations, running experiments, and trying to make sense of the result using best known methods.  It is not an omniscient “God”, it is not always right, it rarely provides us with complete or definitive answers.  Therefore, good science requires – it MANDATES – the prodigious use of skepticism, criticism, and peer review.

Anyone who says “the science is settled” or stifles critique and alternate scientifically-derived observation or analysis is not a “lover of science”.  Period.  I’ve been doing this for a long time.  Take it to the bank.

But this humble blog will be about more than science. It is also about the suppression of any truth.  We are entering a decade of great social and economic upheaval – a crisis of a magnitude most of us have never experienced.  The lies of the “expertocracy”, Government, and media institutions seek to undermine our values and our way of life in unprecedented ways with the ultimate goal of controlling all humankind.  We stand at the precipice of an authoritarian global dystopia, or a “great awakening” of a complacent people who are ready to take back what has been gradually stolen from them over many decades.  Ultimately, the choice is ours to make.

Hopefully I can curate and cut through some of the nonsense and this helps to make a few more people aware of other viewpoints so they can make better decisions for themselves, their communities, and those they care about.

This is the new American Samizdat – an old Soviet term used in an age of censorship and information suppression.  I never in my life thought we would find ourselves in this place – and yet here we are.

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