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Just a quick note to say I have been tardy in updating the blog because I’ve been working hard on something I think is important to share.

I started out to write about the events surrounding the Canadian Freedom Convoy and the subsequent “doxxing” of donors.  If you aren’t already aware, there was a “hack” of the donation platform (GiveSendGo) that was being used to fund the Convoy.  The names, email addresses, employers, and many other bits of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) were “released”.  The Trudeau government is now freezing the financial accounts – not only of Convoy participants – but of DONORS and even FAMILY MEMBERS.  The Canadian government has issued a “State of Emergency” and appears intent on leaving these controls in-place indefinitely.

Moreover, U.S. donors are also now being “doxxed” by so-called “journalists” in this country.  People are losing their jobs over this in some cases.

As I began investigating the data dumps, I stumbled upon a number of very disturbing things.  This included the central distribution source of the hacked data. This organization is actually a registered 501(c)(3) “non profit” in the United States, and their history and practices are truly frightening.  I’m no lawyer, but one would definitely consider their practices to be highly illegal in the U.S. under numerous statutes.  And yet, they have been doing this very type of thing for over 3 years with virtually no interference of any substance by law enforcement authorities.

Very suspicious indeed.

I hope to have an article up on this shortly.  I also intend to provide you with some tips on how you can protect yourself when giving donations to any legal cause you’d like to support.

In the meantime, whatever you do, DO NOT USE THE GIVESENDGO donation platform, for ANYTHING.  I can assure you it is not secure and is still vulnerable to attack.  Indeed, donor harvesting is still taking place.

Peace, and God’s speed.

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