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Truckistan Update
Feb 2, 2022

I’ll be providing occasional updates on the massive trucker protest in Canada, since most of the MSM is failing to do so. When they do cover, it is the usual trope of “White Supremacy”, “Racism”, “Nazis”, etc.

Just to give a general overview, Canadian truckers were spurred on initially by cross-border mandates that these essential workers (formerly “heroes”, now “terrorists”) would have to have proof of vaccination in order to cross the border.

The protests are aimed at shutting down the Canadian capitol of Ottawa, as well as blockading a major border crossing between Alberta, CA and Montana, US.

Truckers have reported that the Trudeau government is actively tracking individuals based on vax status using mobile devices. Several found that when they approached the border crossing to display their QR Code Vax Pass on their phones, the border guards said it wasn’t necessary since they “grabbed” the information they needed as they were rolling up to the gate.

It has also been alleged that the Trudeau government has marketed and lobbied the Biden Administration to use this same technology in the U.S.  It is unknown at this time whether this has been implemented in the U.S. or how far along it is.

Add to this that Canada has:

  • implemented nationwide Vax Mandates and Passports;
  • restricted what items people may purchase based on Vax status;
  • restricted movement across provincial boundaries;
  • have imposed fines on the unvaxxed in some provinces;
  • subjected the populace to some of the world’s most draconian lockdowns.

These working class people have had enough, and the protest which was sparked by the cross-border vax mandates and invasive surveillance, has now grown into a full-on repudiation of government pandemic policy.

Here’s an excellent video update from Jack Posobiec on the current status of the protest, as well as the over-the-top gaslighting by P.M. Trudeau and the media.

U.S. truckers are promising a similar protest in the States.  We shall see what lengths the Biden Administration is willing to go to to stop it should it proceed forward.

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