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Nov. 7, 2021

There is so much happening right now it’s hard to keep up with it all, especially given my limited time to devote to this blog. I’m doing my best to highlight some of the most important topics, but inevitably, there are some I will miss. This week: vax damage, immigration hijinks, energy shortages, abuses by the trans-lobby, the “bi-partisan” infrastructure bill, and green energy madness.

Questions about the Vax:

A Swedish investigation into the spike protein present in the Coronadoom (which is also produced by the vax) shows that the protein interferes with the ability of your cells to repair DNA. This leads to concerns about long-term cancer risk.

Nurses across the country are reporting an inordinate number of very sick people in the nation’s hospitals. Over 80% of these individuals have been fully vaccinated, and the majority are NOT suffering from Covid.


Most shocking perhaps, is how doctors and administrators refuse to report the rising number of unexplained medical problems in otherwise healthy people as potential adverse reactions to the COVID-19 experimental vaccine shots.

Dr. Peter McCullough: The spike protein damages the heart and is deadly inside the human body:

Dr. Robert Kaplan of the Stanford School of Medicine shares his concerns about the vax with Ron Johnson’s Senate subcommittee:

MIT research scientist Retsef Levi discusses the government-led campaign to silence scientific debate on the Covid vax:

The family of an elderly man who died of Covid-19, donated his body to “science” in accordance with his wishes.  They subsequently discovered that he was dissected in front of a live audience – not for scientific purposes – but for the “dark entertainment” of paying, degenerate onlookers.

Swiss Policy Research on the efficacy (or lack thereof) of mask mandates.

More research out of Israel indicating that the vax has no impact on mortality rates when compared to low-vax Palestine.  But, but, boosters!

Crisis of the unvaccinated?  A year long study shows the vaccinated spread Delta.

Infrastructure Bill:

The House passed the $1.75 trillion “infrastructure” bill with the help of 13 feckless virtue-signaling Republicans.  So what’s in it exactly? We’ve been told it is all about “roads and bridges”, yet only $110 billion of the bill is allocated for that purpose.  There is $55 billion for upgrades and repairs to America’s dilapidated electrical grid, and other monies for ports, broadband, and airports.

But then, there is the crazy stuff:

  • $500 million for “tree equity” (WTF is that?)
  • $400 million giveaway to bloated Universities
  • $75 million for a study on how to tax Americans for road usage based on income level (per mile)
  • $750 million to Washington D.C. for their public transport system
  • Billions for “climate change” nonsense

Read the rest here.

The Climate Change Scam:

Washington has a plan, and it involves eliminating the use of ALL fossil fuels and replacing them (apparently) with thousands of windmills and solar panels.  We won’t get into the absurdity of “climate change” or the complete unworkability of this scheme today, but let’s just say you should be prepared for massive energy shortages.  Your way of life is being systematically destroyed based on “models”. You may even experience blackouts this winter, and certainly, skyrocketing energy prices.

The plan to eliminate fossil fuels from America’s power grid is called “Net Zero”.  Treasury Secretary Janet “granny” Yellen estimates the price tag at $150 trillion (which means the real cost is probably 2-3x’s that amount).

You and your family may freeze to death, but hey, mother earth has a temperature and it’s all your fault!

So what is the Administration doing to help alleviate this problem?

The Trans-Lobby and White Women Racists:

Question: What happens when the interests of one favored “oppressed” group conflicts with those of another? Which side will the Progressive social engineers take?  It all depends on which group best helps them advance their Marxist agenda at any given moment.  Ladies of America, prepare to be tossed under the bus! Feminism is dead, long live Trans!

White suburban women were instrumental in putting Joe Biden over the top in 2020.  Now apparently, they are all racists.

Youngkin not only ran on racism — he ran on a very specific kind of racism targeted at white women. And white women came through for him. 

— David Roberts, Vox

In another interesting case, a teenage girl reported a sexual assault to school officials in Charlotte, NC.  The alleged perpetrator confessed to police and was subsequently charged.  So why was the victim suspended?  We don’t know anything yet about the perp, but stay tuned – there is always a “reason”.

Cultural Enrichment, Demographic Terraforming:

By now almost anyone with a pulse knows our southern border is totally out-of-control.  What you may not know, is that the Biden Administration would like to give $450,000 to each person “traumatized” by Customs and Border Enforcement.  It is estimated that about $1 million would be paid to each family. 

Think about that, then look at your 401K. Now look at your paystub.  Biden initially said the report was “garbage”,  then walked it back and said he was talking about the amount.  Then the White House said they would be “comfortable” with a settlement.

Europe has it’s own problems with “cultural enrichment”.  Gang rapes are on the rise, and in Germany, half are committed by migrants.

Migration research must question how it can happen that a young girl becomes a victim of men who come from another cultural area. This has simply not happened so far.

— Necla Kelek, Women’s Rights Advocate

Necla, you are no longer useful to the Progressive establishment.  Time to submit to the migrant lobby for the good of the collective!

Supply Chain Woes:

This is an excellent article by a 20-year trucker that succinctly describes the supply chain cluster fuck from the perspective of truck drivers.

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