Covid Supply Chain Woke

Oct. 24, 2021

Today’s dump pulls the mask off of St. Fauci and details how the government is sabotaging therapeutic treatments for those infected with Coronadoom.  Discover some of the critical reasons for the supply chain snarl and product shortages that the MSM isn’t covering.  Learn about why “Woke to Broke” may be in all of our futures, and the dystopian nightmare world of “Wokeism”.

St. Fauci has Fallen:

In 2019 Fauci and his chums from “Kewl Scientists Club” met to discuss their frustration with the slow progress of vaccine technology. If only there was a way to bypass the years of safety testing and randomized trials.  Hmmm, maybe a “disruptive” event?

Fauci was asked repeatedly by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky whether he and NIH Director Francis Collins funded “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Lab in China.  Fauci adamantly denied doing this.  What is “gain of function”?  In this case, it is an attempt to take something like a bat virus and try to make it communicable to humans, and generally, to make it more infectious.

Well, it turns out that St. Fauci lied – again.  Indeed, he was outed by the NIH in a letter dated October 20, 2021.  Russell Brand (certainly no right-winger) does a nice 10 minute treatment of the sins of St. Fauci:

Not confined to treating humans like guinea pigs, it looks like St. Fauci isn’t a fan of puppies either.

Australian immunologist and geneticist Professor Edward Steele has a few choices words about vaccine safety you might find interesting:

Now imagine you’ve had your vax (or not), wore your mask, but you still got Covid.  You’re getting sicker and it’s getting scary.  You go to the doctor and he prescribes a therapeutic drug for off-label use in an effort to try and save your life.  Good luck getting the woke pharmacist to fill it!

Broken Supply Chain:

The next video does an excellent job of explaining what’s going on at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  At present, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 cargo vessels are waiting to dock. Yet of the 100’s of cranes only a handful are operating, and despite Biden’s assurances the port is definitely NOT open 24/7.  What’s the problem?  Government regulations!  I’ll let Sal explain:

Gosh it’s almost as though Mayor Pete wants to create supply chain shortages?

So if you are one of the unlucky Americans that decided to buy a new car this year you may have had some trouble due to chip shortages.  For those of you that bought a used car instead, keeping it on the road may be challenging because now there’s a shortage of auto parts!

Woke Dystopia:

I pity anyone with school-aged kids, I really do.  Their minds are being filled with woke CRT mush as school boards seek to demonize white people and destroy every shred of whatever moral fiber remains.

One school district in Massachusetts is segregating kids by race, gender, and ethnic background. They’ve set up a tattletale system of child-informants that would make Stalin or the East German Stasi blush with envy.  They are not above taking punitive action against kids for using “offensive” words like “normal” even outside school grounds.  I mean WTAF?

You know it’s bad when an ex-KGB spook points out the insanity of America’s woke culture. He’s even compared what’s happening here to the social policies of the former Soviet Union.

Ah, but woke is not just for kids!  The new infrastructure bill would introduce wokeism into your retirement planning – all for the good of mother earth.  If you don’t know what ESG is yet, you will soon.

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